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Thursday, March 8, 2012


An emerging trend is being witnessed in the Middle East. Despite gender discrimination still apparent, Arab women reached high accomplishment.

Take Sarah Al Suhaimi for example, this Saudi Arabian became the first woman in the country to be promoted to head of asset management at Jadwa Investment. According to research -- when the right environment is provided --  saudi women are encouraged to apply for senior positions. 

Sheikha Lubna, who was praised for developing a system that saved Dubai airport time and money. She was the first to set up business-to-business online market in the UAE. She drove for diversification attracting international partners and growing relationships. Research found that women’s participation in the workforce is 59% in the UAE according to Reena Amos Dyes- topping the entire GCC.

Christine Sfeir, a 22 years old Lebanese, took a huge risk by bringing the famous Dunkin Donuts franchise to Lebanon. Fortunately, it became a flourishing business. She plans to extend her donut business to India.

82% of Arab women believe that the level of participation of women has improved from five years up till now according to research. A study also found that the top motivators for women striving for management positions in the Arab World are: 

1.     The economic environment 69%

2.     The perception of women leaders 59 %

3.     Education 59 %

Significant awareness is growing among the female gender in the Mediterranean and North Africa. These women believed because they were motivated until the end- persisting till their vision developed into a reality.

Happy International Women's Day from ideas group.

Shirley Gerges

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