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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Some people are immersed in their work to the extent that they don’t take time off. And even when they do take time off, they keep answering their emails and following up on some phone calls. The usual comments, that these people rationalize their lack of “Switch off” with, are the following:

I can’t afford to take a break, or if I go on leave then the emails will keep piling and I will pay for it when I am back and, or my company/department counts on me....
So why is it crucial to take some time off in a form of holidays or short breaks:
1-Productivity: While you think that you are doing more with the long hours spent at the office or the continuous days of working. Studies have shown that people who take breaks either during the day or as days-off are 20 to 30% more productive than those who do not. Pressure from continuos working days also increases mistakes at work dramatically, and routine could lead to a major loss of interest in the job we are doing.
2- Burnout: Continuous work is a one way path to Burnout -Physical or mental collapse due to overwork and stress-. Research has shown that physical and mental exhaustion can lead to problems such as chronic insomnia, migraines, fatigue, a drop of immunity levels, and cardiovascular diseases . The mayo clinic says that a brief 10- to 20- minute nap can have restorative effects for sleep-deprived individuals
. That said imagine what a 1 to 2-weeks break from work can give to your mental and physical health.
3- Creativity: There is high correlation between what you do on your holidays and the increase in your level of creativity. In addition to recharging your batteries, your time off should include activities that inspire you. Trying something new and visiting places will expand your horizons and enable you to think differently, hence expanding your level of creativity.
In brief, schedule that time off, plan it well, and most importantly burry your phone, laptop and  emails before you go and enjoy your 2012 summer vacation.
Camil el Khoury

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