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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Dubai, UAE  – New research from Regus reveals that UAE professionals may quit their jobs after the summer vacation due to lack of promotion and bosses that do not know, or do not communicate the company’s goals.

For 47% of respondents, finding that the next rung in the career ladder is a no-show was the top ‘get me out of here’ factor. 51% and 31% of respondents respectively would not stick around with a company lacking communication with management or strategic company vision.

Mark Dixon, CEO of Regus comments: “As workers pack up their swim-suits and towels after the holidays, they are more likely to dwell on the pros and cons of the job that is waiting for them at home. With reports indicating that one of the effects of the recovery is that many more employees have started quitting their jobs and looking around for new ones, businesses that are not providing all the trimmings may be heading for a brain-drain of their best talent.

“Stress caused by overwork has escalated during the past recession with people working harder and longer to make sure they can pay the mortgage. Bonuses and job perks were cut back to weather the storm, but as the economy picks up employees will be flocking to businesses that promise them better conditions and not necessarily the biggest wage.”

Other high-stress factors are a long commute to the office (25%) and a boss that takes credit for their work with 24% of respondents quoting this as a reason for making an ‘all change’ decision. In the UAE, where 12 to 14 hour days are quite common, almost a quarter of respondents would also leave if because of overwork (24%). Further dissatisfactions that could easily morph into ‘last drop’ factors were lack of administrative support (22%) and rude colleagues (18%).

The survey also asked workers what companies could do to avoid a brain-drain of their best talents. Aside from a pay rise, in the UAE, 40% of workers declared that private medical insurance was top of their wish-list and 35% called for the ability to flex their working hours.

Top 5 reasons for UAE professionals to quit their job this year:

  •   Lack of communication and involvement by top management   51%   
  •   Lack of promotion despite good work results   47%   
  •   Lack of company ‘vision’   31%   
  •   Too lengthy commute to work   25%   
  •   Your boss taking the credit for your own work   24%  


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