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Thursday, March 29, 2012


While reading an article in a business magazine, I have stumbled upon Newton’s famous 3rd law of physics "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction."

That made me think that people’s habits go unnoticed because getting away with it is easy or because they do not know what opposite reaction their habit will bring.

One of the bad habits that I can relate to in our society is the garbage that people leave when they litter as well as- stealing or abusive consumption of energy resources.

So how can we simply change some habits to make sure that the inverse relation is not negative? Here are a few tips

Green Light
Many companies keep all their lights on across the night- even during closed hours. Research pointed out that turning off the lights when you leave the office could squeeze around 20% of your electric bill.

Follow these tricks to live better:

o   A lot of organizations rely on natural daylight as a free source of lighting for the office- a study showed that it actually improves worker productivity and satisfaction.

o   If you don’t need to use the coffee maker or the microwave, unplug the appliance.

o   Make an effort to shut down your laptop/ computer before you leave work for the day: making sure you disconnect adaptor / UPS etc.

o   If you are done using the phone charger, unplug it.

o   If you don’t have any use for this light on, then switch it off.

You Have a Love Hate Relationship with Paper:
Some people hate going paperless. It’s true. I see millions of receipts stacked into the ATM and around on a weekly basis. If you are at the ATM machine making transactions and do not need a receipt, there’s an option that gives you a choice. You can choose whether you do or do not want to print a receipt.

As a result:

o   You will not get caught with a printed receipt you have no use for.

o   Less electric energy and paper is wasted.

o   More paper is saved.

Green Take-Out?
A great way to preserve energy is to use recycled resources. So many options are available at your local store.  For example: ideas group business cards are printed on recycled cardboard. Another option would be using ceramic/ glass cups and saving extra ones for guests- eliminating the use of paper/plastic cups.

Gasoline: With the fuel prices going up and the cities air congested with pollution you can do you part by:

o   Turn off your vehicle if there is heavy car congestion.

o   Share a cab or carpool with friends/ neighbors.

o   I’m not going to advise you to ride a bicycle but walking would be an ideal option during rush hour.

Cleaning it Makes it shine longer:
Every team member cleans his desktop computer twice per week. Keeping your appliances free of dust, grime and dirt is the best way to ensure that they will last as long as the possibly can research showed.

The Digital Generation:
A study showed about 97 billion emails are exchanged daily on a global. Do you really need every email printed? Print only when it is extremely urgent.

Small actions can make a difference, and it is you who will feel it not only your children.

Shirley Gerges

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