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Monday, July 16, 2012

Did you know that 1% of top mobile users around the world consume 50% of the world’s information? True for residents of Northern Europe such as Sweden, home to Ericson and Finland home to Nokia. 

It is still possible to be productive in your professional life and personal life even without Internet. It is still possible by learning about these tools below:

1.    Check your archives: You think it is a disaster and do not have the time even to argue with your Internet provider’s customer service and you need information fast? Why don’t you check your downloads for a change?

2.     Libraries still exist: Libraries are still living. This time, they are available not only in educational institutions, but in cafes and restaurants. Enjoy a good book while sipping on your favorite Latte.

3.     Time to innovate: It is interesting to witness creative solutions while surfing the web, but isn’t it marvelous to build something out of nothing and call it your own?

4.     Why not vacate: Since the Internet is down and you have not made plans for the summer yet, be spontaneous and remove yourself from your daily routine. Get permission for a few weeks off.

5.     Network-this time: In real life: People are losing their human values. Generosity, compassion and sympathy have been evaporating because of the lack of interpersonal communication. You will be amazed to interact with real people this time instead of your mobile or laptop.

These pieces of advice are only “some” of many suggestions guiding individuals towards a lifetime of prosperity; therefore:

Why not start today?

Shirley Gerges

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