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Friday, July 20, 2012

What do you know about Nelson Mandela other than he is one of the greatest people in the whole wide world? Mandela was the only black law student at Witwatersrand University and the business owner of the first black firm in Johannesburg.

Not only was he awarded well over 80 honorary awards and multiple peace prizes including the Nobel, but history built him into one of the most respected leaders on a global scale. His character is a rarity; therefore, discover his exceptional qualities: 

1.     Passion in this case is born:

Mandela was passionate and was a believer in principles. His values lied in ending white and black supremacy. Discrimination was not an option.

2.     Focus on the tactics:

Nelson Mandela realized that the best way to resolve an issue is mastering tactics since not all people live by the same principles. When he had to face opponents, the strategy in communicating with them made a huge difference.

3.     Speak the competition’s language:

Even if the person you were facing is one of the toughest characters you have come across, learn his/her methods of communication and when you understand, you will learn how to get the deal done.

4.     You cannot break a family bond:

Your followers should be as important as your closest family. Even when Mandela was in a very dark place, he never once neglected his supporters. E.g. “Wait chaps, some good may come of this.” As Ahmed Kathrada quotes Mandela as he was separated from his supporters within prison.

5.     The smallest achievement goes a long way:

Triumph for Nelson Mandela was important. Do not forget to enjoy and even celebrate your success- even if it was modest.

6.     When fear knocks on your door:

When Mandela was in a plane once, one of the engines shut down and the pilot had to make an emergency landing; Mandela kept reading the paper as if he was sitting on a bench in the park. Nelson Mandela was afraid a few times, but when he was, he never showed it. He was calm composed even during hardship. It is an element one hides as a leader.


Shirley Gerges

Posted By Ideas Group at
08:40 - AM
Friday, April 8, 2011

Have you ever encountered someone who didn’t help you at all with your request and negatively answered you before even trying?
I would expect everyone to raise their hands as rarely as the lucky customers who come across extra-ordinary people, who are eager to serve; who stand above the crowd to make a difference and create a unique exceptional experience.

My story is short. I have been struggling to get an earlier appointment from one of the European friendly embassies in Beirut for a visit visa request since 2 weeks now. However I have been shut down many times, getting unhelpful answers such as“ You need to call again, You need to keep calling, You have to wait until someone cancels, sorry, I can’t do anything for you”. I honestly was about to loose interest in considering that country for my next vacation, until, when I called last time, and a new voice was one the line.

The gentleman over the phone was too kind and listened to my case. He  actually tried to put me on hold as he was trying to assist me, but in vain. However, he called me back after few minutes to inform me that actually he was able to find me an earlier appointment and was so delighted to know how happy I was to hear that.

The impact of the news was mind-blowing. A simple employee made the day of a customer. Although this employee was just like the others ones, same position, same duties, same tasks, with the only difference that he was willing to do the extra mile before just saying ‘NO’.
This small story is a recurrent example of many disengaged employees, not truly passionate to serve their clients when with a simple effort from their side can make a huge difference. (I recomend you to watch " The Extra Degree” movie from the simple truth.)

So before we say ‘No’ to anyone, you should know what to say:
- Give alternatives. Suggest a solution to make it easier on your customer, look at the case in a different way and try different options.
- Empathize. With each case, make the customer understand that you have done your best, and you felt the importance and emergency of the request.
- Use your empowerment. Make things happen and find a way through the impossible. After all ‘impossible is nothing’. Do everything you can to shift the situation from getting worse.
- Put yourself in the customers’ shoe. Imagine it was you who is facing the same issue. How would you feel? and what do you want to hear from the person in front?
- Equip yourself. Be ready and prepared before you answer back. Equip yourself with enough facts and information to avoid the client from feeling like he/she is another number.
- Listen till the end. Maybe you will grab some hidden information that will lead you to a better shortcut or solution.
- Give advices. That will assist the client with the next shopping experience. He/she will always remember your advice and think of you positively.
- Ask questions. Make sure that everything you need to know is clear and covered. Mistakes can be avoided. The devil is in the details.
Finally, Knowing what to say and how to say it, have changed the world. It is a ‘make it’ or ‘break it’ thing that will always leave an impact on building effective relationships with people.

Diana Mouamar

Posted By Ideas Group at
10:33 - AM
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